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Making sense out of data

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Datasense Consulting

Datasense Consulting is an internationally active IT consulting and services company.


Our mission is to improve efficiency and business results for our customers via advanced data analytics and engineering. Under the guiding principle - "Making Sense out of Data" our team of selected specialists offers a wide range of services for Enterprise Data Analytics (BI/ DWH/ Data science) as well as highly efficient, user-friendly software solutions for the digitalization of business processes based on  Rapid Application Technology APEX.

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We make sense out of data

Predictive Analytics analyzes historical development of data sources and creates a mathematical model to predict future events. The solution has the task of recognizing trends or patterns in historical data and calculating them proactively for the future. The goal is to provide companies with a tool to make better decisions based on existing data or to identify and avoid possible risks at an early stage.

We introduce ourselves

Datasense Consulting - Your strong partner

We specialize in enterprise data analytics, data engineering/infrastructure, and enterprise software development to help our customers simplify the use of their data, and thus help them make quality decisions in their day-to-day business.

Our team of skilled data analysts and developers leads projects, either as a strategic partner or as part of a larger client team. Our software solutions and products solve specific challenges of our customers through a strong focus on collection, analysis and delivery of complex data sets.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in predictive analytics, data warehousing/lake, neural networks and complex statistical models. For each project, we choose the appropriate technology for the customer and the project, so we are not fanatical advocates of one-size-fits-all approaches.


As part of a group of companies with over 1000 employees, operating in 5 countries, we have access to a deep know-how and delivery capacity, allowing us to implement more complex projects with our own resources.

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What our clients say

„Die umfangreiche Lösung zur Analyse unseres Portfolios und Risk Assessment, welches wir mit Unterstützung von Datasense als exklusiven Partner aufbauen konnten, gibt uns real time Auswertungen, somit automatisiert es vieles an manueller Arbeit, welche früher viele Stunden im täglichen Business verlangt hat.“

Mag. (FH) Michael Gal, CPM, Head of Risk Management

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