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Männlicher Mitarbeiter sucht Daten in einem Laptop-PC

Our offer includes concepts, architecture, implementation for the topics, efficient development of web and cloud applications based on Oracle APEX, data warehouse solutions, reporting and analysis systems as well as BI - SAP integration and reporting.

We are a long-standing Oracle product and solution partner.

Our Services
for your company

Enterprise Data Analytics

As the digital transformation of traditional businesses continues to grow, so do their data assets. These need to be used to gain new insights and deeper insights into business processes. In this way, possible correlations can be discovered.


In the companies that have come into the world digitally (Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.), the technical tools and processes have emerged that can now be used for the holistic view of all data accumulating in the company.

Digital Transformation Solutions - APEX

The digital transformation of business processes often requires the use of very flexible, database-supported individual applications in state-of-the-art web technology, which are to be deployed very quickly.


We offer you the appropriate consulting in advance and develop flexible solutions for you quickly and cost-effectively using the powerful and efficient Apllication Express (APEX) development platform.

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