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APEX - Solutions for
digital transformation

The digital transformation of business processes often requires the use of very flexible, database-supported individual applications in state-of-the-art web technology, which are to be deployed very quickly.


We offer you the appropriate consulting in advance and develop flexible solutions for you quickly and cost-effectively using the powerful and efficient Application Express (APEX) development platform.

How we can support you

Business analysis

We work with you to develop the technical concept for your applications.

Detailed conception

We work with you to develop the technical concept for your applications.

Technical Conception

Our experts work with your IT to develop the concept for integration into the existing technical environment.

Software development with method

The development of the applications can be done in both classical and agile methods.

Integration & Commissioning

We help with the integration of the IT landscape and commissioning.

Application Support

We are happy to take responsibility for the maintenance of your application and user support.


The advantages of Application Express are obvious:
Icon Zahnräder
Fast development

Cost-effective, efficient and fast development of even complex applications due to the simple architecture and the use of many available prefabricated components and templates. This allows the creation of simple applications entirely without programming.

Icon Endgerät Mobiltelefon
All devices

Due to the modern browser-based user interface, only a web browser is required to use an APEX application. This also enables immediate use on mobile devices such as tablets (iPad, Galaxy Note, etc.).

Icon Datenbank
Integrated database

Integrated database support ensures that data and users are well organized and securely managed.

Icon Zeit und Geld
Conserving resources

APEX is very resource-efficient and thus enables the cost-effective operation of the applications.

Icon Schnittstelle
Standard interfaces

Very good integrability due to the support of many standard interfaces.

Icon Vernetzung
Often used

Very large development community allows rapid exchange of experience.

Oracle Application Express is a free component of Oracle Database, the world's leading database vendor. Learn more at

Abstrakter Hintergrund

Arrange a free consultation

Together we will clarify your needs and you will receive a detailed offer
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