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Why Datasense in Predictive Analytics, AWS and Software Testing?

Datasense supports you with Predictive Analytics expertise:

This solution approach can be used to predict customer reactions and purchasing decisions, among other things. Cross-selling opportunities can also be identified and implemented. This helps companies improve existing customer relationships and identify new customers.

Major businesses such as health care providers, mechanical engineering, banking and energy trust our expertise. We could help all of them and optimize their value chains. Our use cases include Financial Forecasting, Predictive Maintenance, Churn Prediction and Quality Management.

Trust our expertise in Quality Assurance and Testing:

We support you Manual as well as with specialized software, such as: Eggplant. In our group of companies, several international projects have already been positively implemented and completed.

Our customers include large businesses in sectors of banking, telco and enterprise software development. Our experts have established internal QA departments at several customers and handed them back to our customers. Datasense uses our experts as a centralized QA unit for several companies, which requires some culture adjustment, but leads to quality improvement in the long run.

Analytics in the cloud: leverage our AWS experience

For this topic, we can support you with a team of AWS developers who have already been able to implement a large IoT (Internet of Things, in this case, integration of vehicles with intelligent data upload function) integration project for a major automotive manufacturer.

The insourcing of the cloud platform was selected as a pilot project. This platform is based on Amazon Web Service Cloud and is mainly used as an interaction and communication platform. Our consultants proved that they are capable of handling very demanding IT operational tasks on the business-critical platform.

As an experienced consultant, we are happy to assist you with your next data innovation initiative. Feel free to reach to us.


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