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When and how does it make sense to involve external resources?

In today's business world, it is crucial to utilise the right resources at the right time to ensure the success of a project. But when does it make sense to involve external resources and when does it not? In this blog article, we will look at the different scenarios where bringing in external experts can be beneficial, as well as the situations where it may be better to utilise internal resources.

It makes sense to involve external resources if the project is time-limited and long-term fixed costs are to be avoided. External know-how is often required if the expertise in the internal team is lacking or if finding, training and familiarising an internal employee is threatened by possible fluctuation. External consultants or developers who have gained experience over a large number of projects in different companies can offer valuable insights and solutions that the internal team may not have.

However, there are also situations where it does not make sense to involve external resources. For example, if top secret information needs to be handled or the problem is very specific to the organisation. Similarly, it may be inappropriate to involve external resources if a long-term, full utilisation of the workforce is expected or the position is part of a long-term strategy, such as the induction and further promotion of an internal employee.

In our experience, we have found that collaboration in combined teams is often the most effective. We contribute our expertise in data analytics, data science and low code, while the customer contributes their specialist and company-specific knowledge. We have also successfully built teams that then work as internal employees for the client.

The decision on whether to involve external resources depends on various factors and should be carefully weighed up. Ultimately, it is about finding the best possible solution for the project in question and ensuring long-term success.

At Datasense Consulting, we are experts in this field. We are happy to help you achieve your project goals.


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