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Looking ahead to the new year 2024

The beginning of the year holds the magic of anticipation for something new. We at Datasense are also looking forward to the new year with excitement and would like to give a brief outlook on the exciting topics we expect to see in information technology in 2024:

We expect to see more data analytics in the industry: customers are increasingly seeing the potential behind contextual analysis of large amounts of data to gain better insights into their business.

We expect new areas for the use of data analytics. Who can benefit from this? Cities, municipalities and federal states.

Another trend that is becoming inexorably apparent and will certainly be even more noticeable in 2024 is customers' desire for more customized offers - data analytics is also in demand here.

We are also seeing a big upswing in software development in the low-code area. The reason for this is a fast and secure solution, provided you have a strong manufacturer behind it.

We wish our customers and partners a successful and exciting business year!


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