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Let's do it together - from Oracle BI to Oracle Analytics

For years, many companies have been very satisfied with their use of Oracle Analytics Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Customizations of the software, such as tailored reports, automated dashboards and apps that can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

Now, Oracle has had OBIEE's successor on the market for more than three years, and it comes in two flavors - Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). Although OBIEE is still supported, any innovation is exclusive to the new systems, so upgrading would make more and more sense. Now, many companies with OBIEE are in the Innovators Dilemma, because of the fact that much has been customized, there is often concern and uncertainty before upgrading to a newer technology.

We, as a long time Oracle partner, and our friends at Qubix together are a reliable partner when it comes to making your migration as fast and smooth as possible. Qubix with many years of experience as a consultant for Oracle DB and Oracle Analytics and Datasense with expertise in Oracle Analytics and development based on Oracle APEX are a confident team for your migration.


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