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How Datasense Consulting supports companies with data analysis and AI

As Datasense Consulting, we can support your company in several ways with our experience in data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI):

1.Increase efficiency and reduce costs:

Which report has few users? Which product consumes the most machine time? How does it compare with other products?

We can answer these questions using data analytics. It is then up to the customer to make the appropriate decisions. We often find such ‘aha effects’ in the first phases of our implementation and can therefore very quickly identify quick wins for companies. AI-driven automation reduces the need for manual labour, lowers operating costs and increases productivity.

2 Better decision-making:

What are the market trends? What does it mean for our demand? How should we plan our production?

In financial and sales forecasting projects, we look at exactly these questions. One of our clients was able to use a customised price index to compare historical data and predict future trends not just in nominal terms, but in real terms. This enabled our client to make informed decisions to adapt to changes in the market.

3.Risk management:

Which customer segment will shrink? To what extent are we at the mercy of this? Can we ‘afford’ our current portfolio of customers in the future?

Another insight on the customer side is to recognise potential risks at an early stage by analysing large volumes of data. These models can make predictions about future market developments and thus help to minimise risk.

4. Customer retention and acquisition:

Our AI-supported analyses ‘in the area of “churn” and “sales forecasting” help to better understand customer behaviour and preferences. Which customer wants to churn? Do we want to keep him or rather let him go? Is their business with us profitable? If so, what personalised offers should we make them?

Following the analyses, companies are able to develop personalised offers and services that increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.

5.Promoting innovation:

Innovation is critical to a company's competitive advantage. Data analytics can highlight trends and gaps in the market that your organisation can use to develop new products or services to gain a competitive advantage.

A financial services provider is doing just that: adding new investments to its portfolio so that its clients have a customised choice in terms of demand and customer loyalty is strengthened.

Competition, demand, trend research and many other topics keep companies busy non-stop in an ever-changing environment. Respond with the intelligent use of data analytics and AI. At Datasense Consulting, we have the experience and expertise to support you.


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