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How can Data Democratization make Data Analytics accessible to Non-Data Analysts?

In today's digital era, it is crucial to turn data into meaningful insights in order to make informed business decisions. One effective way to achieve this is through data visualization. We have already shown in previous posts about the importance of visualizations and how they help people understand the situation better and faster.

How can data analytics be made available to those who are not data analysts?

The answer lies in the democratization of data analytics. Thanks to widely used technologies such as data warehousing (DWHa9, data marts) and especially cloud technology, it is now possible to get powerful live analytics at affordable prices. Creating reports requires a lot of computing power, which is why it is often restricted by IT departments.

In addition, front-end tools such as Oracle Analytics, Microsoft Power BI and others offer user-friendly ways to create compelling visual reports. In this way, data analytics products can be made accessible to those who can use them the most - the professionals who can ask the right questions of the data and gain better insights for the benefit of the business.

We at Datasense Consulting deal with this topic. We are happy to help you realize the full potential of your data.


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