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Focus on data analytics - these trends are coming our way

What can we expect to see more of in the field of data analytics? Here are our forecasts for 2024:

Predictive use cases will become a priority: the right decisions will now be made with a view to the future. More and more companies understand that decisions should not be made retrospectively.

Data democratization: The benefits of data analytics are increasingly being perceived at the lower decision-making levels of an organization - so every employee can get the insights they need to make good decisions. The technology and its falling costs help immensely here.

Agile development: Agile development remains the trend - but companies understand, the specialist department has to get involved, otherwise success is not guaranteed.

Ethical AI: The bar is getting higher and higher for the fair use of AI, especially in the B2C sector. We expect the public to increasingly demand demonstrable, transparent foundations for AI that does not discriminate.


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