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Back to the future - Profundus Classic 4.0

Launch with us into a new era of resource planning in performing arts

Our continuously developed product for theatrical, film and television asset management is now in its 4th generation – aptly named Profundus Classic 4.0.

Besides updates in the area of technological foundation, we have implemented some features based on our customers' requests, as well as - now officially - a subscription version with installation either at the customer's site or in the cloud and a low monthly flat rate.

Of course, the new 4.0 version retains the web-based interface, responsive design for mobile devices and reliability.

Some of the new features:

Technology, Platform & Security

Upgrade to latest APEX version and Oracle database (on-prem and cloud optimized)

Optional deployment at customer site, in a public cloud or at Datasense Cloud Server (private cloud)

Optional: multi-factor authentication (important for mobile users)

Wide range of functions:

Unlimited length of requests

New entry made easier (drop-down lists of pre-recorded parameters)

CSV import/export of files enables integration or exchange of data with customers' old systems

Logging of change history, also exportable via CSV

Simultaneous editing of multiple entries (mass-update)

Increased user comfort:

Reading of data as barcode scanner

Connection to customer's website for presentation; optional connection to webshop for marketing the items

Item hierarchy customizable according to customer requirements

Optimized rental with immediate status reporting

On the roadmap:

Integration of an RTLS module to locate and possibly monitor valuable items

Image recognition technology for even faster data entry

RFID TAGs scan for data entry and location/securing of items

New fundus types

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