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Fancy something new? - Fast, modern apps with R and Shiny!

Data Science and Data Analysis has become a strong topic for many of our customers in the last years. The programming language "R", published in 1992 and coming from the world of statistics, and which has gained enormous importance in the course of this, is a reliable factor for tasks in the fields of statistics, analysis and artificial intelligence.

R is an open source software and currently offers over 10000 packages for statistical analysis, data mining and predictive analytics. The add-on package Shiny, as well as the Shiny Server for web applications is also, as a free open source version, available for free!

With Shiny, it is possible to create engaging, HTML/JavaScript-based, interactive applications in a simple and fast way. Alternatively, easily shippable desktop apps can also be created with Shiny.

In addition to the many options for connecting to data sources and data analysis, a wide range of interactive graphics such as various types of diagrams, maps, graphs or other two- and three-dimensional representations are also available.

In addition, the appearance of the graphical representations and the web applications can be adapted to individual ideas using HTML and CSS elements. No matter whether dashboard or individual app, through constant further development and the great variety of packages, there are hardly any limits!

It is worthwhile to get advice from an experienced specialist at the beginning of a data analysis or data science project. As an experienced partner, we are happy to assist you in this process.


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